The coming months…

I have made a commitment to blog regularly. I have spent a good part of the past few years trying to get my head around blogging and not really understanding why so many people wish to spend their precious time writing stuff and yet more stuff. After all, isn’t the web just completely full of stuff that nobody will ever want to read… not ever?

I mean stuff about their visit to the park, about that amazing new recipe, what their dog has done today or the ins and outs of IE web standards. Really? I’ve got better things to do like stroke my cat or entertain my children. And let’s face it, most people do have better things to do. The vast majority of regular Joes in this world have never entertained the thought of reading a blog, let alone leaving comments. I was one of those people until recently.

Then came Google shouting its mantra… ‘New and fresh content is good – it helps get your web site in the top positions’. And top positions are good for business. So am I here, writing about stuff because somehow Google will penalise my business if I don’t feed its ever so hungry desire for fresh content?

There is one big problem with the Google message. It’s not hard to see its implications. Whole teams are now organising themselves to create more content than ever before. Indeed, some businesses now exist purely to create stuff for others. The whole World Wide Web is filling up with lots of their useless noise.

Arrgghhh! That’s not me. I’ve decided I’m not going to bow to Google after all. I never have and never will.

Yes, I have my blogging style cheat sheet prepared. My fingers are primed. I plan to blog at least once, twice or three times a month. It will be me blogging – honest. I’ll keep the quality right up there with the best. I only hope you gain from what I have to say. Feel free to write comments and join in the conversation. Let’s make our time together worth shouting about. Until next time… Phil 😉

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