New Technology Saves Time

Technology is changing the world everyday but it is rare that something comes along that frees us from the daily house chores. I found one such technology about a year ago and my wife hasn’t stopped thanking me since and for that I’m truly pleased. Yet somehow as the guy that researches new technology all the time, this one has caused a switch in responsibility that I’m only just beginning to realise.

Enter the robotic vacuum. No not one of those round things that seems to aimlessly bounce around the place for hours and still not clean much at all. This one is super intelligent and does exactly what it says on the tin. The Neato robotic vacuum won some serious awards not so long ago. I managed to track it down in the USA and brought it back to Australia via a large US online retailer. Yes, you know the one.

It was in my hands within a staggering 5 days. How’s that for turnaround?

Unboxed and ready for action, my wife and I watched as this grey box of tricks began to measure the room out with its laser. It then mapped out a path around the house, returning to base only to recharge. It didn’t miss a thing and was particularly careful not to bump into obstacles left throughout the house by our children.

We’ve always kept a clean house with the regular, pull-behind vacuum coming out at least 2 to 3 times per week. However, Neato still managed to collect a tremendous amount of debris. It turns out that it rotates its brush so many more times over the carpet and wooden floor that it is inevitably going to be better at picking up dirt.

Neato is now scheduled to come on at least every other day. It does this automatically when we are all out of the house. Yet the real bonus is the amount of time saved. And time is precious to us. We worked out that we save at least 10 hours per month on cleaning. That’s time that we now spend on other more important things. Plus there’s no noise – we’re not in when the vacuum is on.

Wondering where to find Neato? Check it out on YouTube or visit NeatoRobotics for more information. It’s well worth the money. I only wonder why its not promoted as widely as I feel it should be. 10 hours saved per month makes this an easy buy in my books.

Oh… and you may be wondering what the switch in responsibility is? As the guy that likes new technology, I’m now the one that has to schedule the robot and take it upstairs to clean. So saving time is one thing, but this robot has also changed household responsibilities – not that I ever sat on my backside!

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