V8 Hot Laps in Australia

ImageV8 Supercars is the most popular category of touring car racing in Australia. Touring car racing has its roots dating back to 1938 when in Mt Panorama, Bathurst, a public road was first used for motorcycle racing and 9 years later for the Australian Grand Prix.

It was to take until 1967 for the first alternative aspirated 4 cylinder touring car race to be born. Harry Firth and Fred Gibson in a Ford XR Falcon V8 and in the following year with the now legendary Holden Monaro GTS won the race. Even to this day, the Ford versus Holden rivalry continues and is a major aspect of the sport’s appeal.

V8 Supercars are the top end car in the touring calendar. With 650+hp, 5L V8 power, they represent the ultimate in touring cars. Regulations for V8 competitions ensure there is a balance of technical competition and break neck speed vehicles. Speeds are recorded up to 300kph. Racing is nearly always very close with the cars sharing common elements (e.g. differentials and gearboxes) as part of the competition requirements introduced in 2003 as Project Blueprint. This makes for a very close race and no one team dominates the race in the way they have been able to in the past.

V8 Hot Lap events are available for the novice to try out in just about all states of Australia. Don’t expect the crowds of 150,000+ spectators but get ready for an amazing time behind the wheel.

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