Who’s Bruce?

Ah don’t ya love it? Over the last few months and even longer, Gifts That Thrill received a number of telephone calls and emails from the tour operators it works with. Some operators have provided very insightful information into the workings of a Gifts That Thrill competitor and others have regretfully bowed to the competitor’s wishes, perhaps out of pure fear.

What’s been happening?

Well there’s this chap called Bruce. He works for the competitor. His role appears to be tracking the prices Gifts That Thrill sets for its customers. Gifts That Thrill is super efficient with low overheads, so it passes on its savings with lower prices. It doesn’t advertise too much either. Bruce’s company isn’t so efficient and advertises lots at immense cost, so it cannot afford to offer such deals. Instead it has an elaborate scheme. Each day Bruce looks up the deals that Gifts That Thrill are serving and calls up each operator in turn. He uses his company’s size to suggest to the operator that Gifts That Thrill cease selling at the lower price.

Some operators do contact Gifts That Thrill out of fear of losing out, others do nothing and interestingly, others are now telling our competitor where to get off and are closing their account with them. Good on them we say! Such bully tactics are not good for competition. They certainly do not serve customers. As for Bruce.. well he’s the one that has to live with himself. We’ll keep doing the right things by our customers.

Have you been the target of Bruce-like tactics?

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